Customer-centric Insider Risk Management - it takes a village.
Ananth Appathurai Rishi Bhargava John Pearce

Let's be honest, security was never meant to be a siloed approach. As people, processes and technologies have evolved, so too has the need to invest in an integrated approach. An effective Insider Risk Management (IRM) approach involves distinguishing between trusted and untrusted activity, prioritizing the events or users that pose the greatest risk and ultimately taking a right-sized response. This has necessitated technology integrations and consulting services that enable a truly customer-centric solution. From IAM, IRM, PAM, SIEM, to SOAR, it takes a village to solve the ever-increasing Insider Risk problem. Join Ananth Appathurai, Rishi Bhargava and John Pearce as they discuss the evolution of the Insider Risk Management ecosystem and provide recommendations for how to consolidate these discrete technologies into delivering powerful insider risk solutions.