Moving from Insider Threat to Insider Risk: Shifting focus in a changing world
James Turgal Wendy Overton

Insider Risk is an ever-evolving field and is maturing throughout organizations. As such, we must shift our focus from a reacting to malicious insiders to a proactively mitigating a range of risks around insiders. From data moving to cloud solutions, to remote workforce and business modernization, strategy around this threat is continually changing.

Many organizations have built an insider program on the back of an IT Security, Corporate Security, Risk Management, or similar programs. As such, many of these programs took on the focus of their parent organizations and losing sight to the fact that insiders, being humans, exist in multiple facets throughout their business. These programs are rarely modified, refreshed or exercised, however insiders can have some of the largest impacts on the business due to knowledge and access.

To keep up with the changing risk landscape, organizations must not only broaden the scope of risks they analyze to an all-source mentality related to insiders, but also consider the changes in the broader security landscape, from Zero Trust, to SaaS, and beyond. Continually evolving the way we approach insider risk, including toward a more proactive mitigation approach, will be critical as we continue to look for ways to reduce risk and impact to the business.