Departing Employees Opening the Door to Insider Threats.
Elsine van Os

Departing employees and the associated departure of data and other insider risks are a growing concern for organizations. Think of a former MacBook designer who sold trade secrets to a journalist in exchange for gaining publicity for his next venture after leaving the tech giant; six former ASML employees breaching their employment contract by sharing information on ASML software processes with a startup competitor; a former employee of a Silicon Valley chip startup who fatally shot three executives after being laid off from his engineering job; or at the oil and gas company Enervest, an insider was so angry over being fired that he reset the servers to factory settings, impacting operations for over a month and costing millions of dollars. The stakes are high as seen from the examples. These are all insider acts upon or after departure spanning from data theft, IP theft, workplace violence and IT sabotage. This session will provide insights into what underlying factors play a role in these insider acts and what makes departure such a fragile phase of employment. And most importantly what should organizations do to mitigate the risks around the timeframe of departure?